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Patient Specific Templates and Custom Made Implants
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Patient Specific Templates (PST)

We help Orthopaedic Surgeons in planning and implementation of joint-replacement surgeries through designing and manufacturing patient specific templates (PST) and surgical guides.


Total Knee Replacement

SurgiNovi 15-in-1 Femoral PSI and Tibial PSI guides you to perform all the cuts needed for Zimmer, Stryker and Depuy implants. learn more

Unicompartmental Knee

For partial knee replacements, SurgiNovi Femoral and Tibial PKR PSI will significantly ease the pain of performing UKR surgery for Zimmer Oxford implants. learn more

Total Shoulder Replacement

Designed for Zimmer Bigliani prosthesis, SurgiNovi Glenoid and Humeral PSI will help you perform TSR surgeries the easiest and quickest way possible. learn more

Tibial Osteotomy

HT Osteotomy PSI provides you a single guided cut to perform deformity correction for varus and valgus with comfort fixation. learn more


Total Hip Replacement

SurgiNovi Cup PST for total hip replacement, helps find the best and accurate position of the acetabular cup when using Zimmer Pinnacle prosthesis. learn more

Spine Pedicle Screw

SurgiNovi Pedicle Screw Pair Fixation Guide is used for Spondylolisthesis, Scoliosis Correction and Cervical Spine Alignment and Stabilization. learn more

Tumors and Fracture Fixation

SurgiNovi provides a personalized plate guide PST that is designed to achieve any local. learn more

Custom Made Implants Service

SurgiNovi can help you design custom made orthopedic implants for any skeletal deformity, disease, fracture or filling missing tissue. We have a unique design for a patient specific hip spacer fit to the femoral canal and aided by a side and internal slots allow the surgeons to insert antibiotic through these semicircular shapes of the slots. learn more

Planning & Assessment

Based on the reconstructed 3D model of bones captured from the CT-scam and x-ray, we perform the measurements and assessment of the bone quality.
We provide this feature for all joints and complex cases of osteotomy, deformity, scoliosis, and tumor fractures.
The information resulted from these measurements allows the surgeon to perform the surgeries in an easy way with these valued data.

3D Printing Service

SurgiNovi offers the service of 3D printing of bone models. Orthopedic surgeons/researchers and biomedical engineers can view bone deformity, irregularity or any inaccuracy for medical and research purposes. Medical scholars, students and educators can also use 3D-printed bone models for educational purposes.

3D Planning Software

OrthoNovi is a specialized 3D planning software for Orthopaedic Surgery that has been created specifically to meet the ever-evolving world of healthcare and to provide novel solutions for the surgical planning and guidance.
Orthoinovi software is built to meet the needs of orthopedic surgeons and all involved in orthopedic fields.

We currently have 3 different software:

  1. Orthonovi
  2. Orthonovi Pro
  3. SurgiNovi Dicom Studio
As well as several software tools

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Hospital Based System

We help Orthopaedic Surgery Departments to establish their own computer-assisted facilities. Our teamwork can assess each department's technical and financial capacities to implement computer-assisted, hospital-based services. Imaging, planning, 3D printing, packing/sterilization and Surgery can all be done in one workplace (hospital/department).


By using two patient specific surgical guide instead of 155-423 instruments, SurgiNovi has helped surgeons worldwide to significantly reduce the learning curve of operating joint-replacement and other orthopaedic treatments. Joint replacement has never been easier to perform.

SurgiNovi facilitated Total Knee Replacement (TKR) using 15 instruments and 2 patient specific templates (PST) instead of 4-6 Surgical trays with over 300 pieces. Thanks to continuous R&D work that evolved our unique 15-in-1 femoral cutting guide and the single tibial cutting guide.

  • Femoral Cutting
  • Tibial Cutting
  • Bilateral Simultaneous TKA
  • Mechanical Access Alignment

SurgiNovi is used for planning complex primary Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) and revision cases. Orthopaedic Surgeons can determine bone thickness, orientation of acetabular components, cut level, osteophytes to be removed, position of augment and leg length. Additionally, SurgiNovi designs and fabricates Hip Spacer for revision cases.

  • Custom-Made Spacer
  • Cup Orientation
  • Acetabular Fixation
  • Augment Planning

SurgiNovi Spine PST is available for Pedical Screw Pair Fixation for  Spondylolisthesis, Scoliosis correction and Cervical Spine Alignment/Stabilization,

  • Preoperative Planning
  • CT/DICOM Compliant
  • Fractures
  • Disc prolapse for posterior instrumentation

Eligibility for planning


Short hospital stay*


*staying less than 4 day in hospital for bilateral knee

Orthopaedic scores


planning approval ratio











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Intellectual Property

Patented Orthopaedic Surgical Techniques

SurgiNovi has over 15 patents in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery. All patents concern with devices and methods that aim to optimizing the surgical outcomes and enhancing patients' care. Patents are focused on 3D printing and how to perform accurate surgical planning with computer technology and simple tools, minimal costs and smart solutions. 

Orthopaedic Research Society

Researchers at all levels have been invited to participate in this exciting competition. Semi-Finalists have been selected.

Implants International UK

Implants intl has assigned SurgiNovi as the official provider for patient specific templating for their Total Knee System.

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