SurgiNovi Patent Applications

A method and device for patient specific instruments for one stage and two stages of revision knee arthroplasty using constraint and hinged knee implant

A method for connecting custom made guides to conventional instruments of joint replacement

A method for treating and repairing knee fractures resulting from benign tumors using patient-specific electronic templates

A patient specific spacer

A patient specific template and method for partial knee replacement

A patient-specific electronic template for usage in corrective osteotomies for treating bone and joint deformities

A patient-specific guide for repairing the pel vic bone defects depending on bone quality in fixing artificial hip joint surgeries

A three-in-one patient-specific template for usage in ankle replacement surgeries

A tool for custom-made instruments and implant for artificial knee joint of dogs

An apparatus and system for acquiring data from bones and joints, plan surgery and manufacture instruments or implants

Device and method for fitting an artificial knee joint using universal electronic

Method and device for patient specific templates of tot al shoulder replacement

Patient specific templates for pedical screw insertion in corrective scoliosis surgeries


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