For Patients
  • SurgiNovi provides a new form of treatment that promises speed recovery for people suffering from bone and joint disorders.
  • The treatment is simply a technique and a number of surgical instruments that are tailored for each patient and help the surgeons to complete bone surgeries with high accuracy and least invasiveness.
  • These instruments are patient-specific, safe and affordable; and they replace numerous medical instruments that are routinely used in bone surgeries.
  • In addition, this technique helps in reducing the operation time, which is the time the patient spends under anesthesia, as well as the recovery/rehabilitation time.
  • The technique measures the exact dimensions of the targeted bone or joint, based on CT scan, to make surgical planning on computer software.
  • The technique is called patient-specific templates (PST) for joint replacement, spine and bone deformities which are custom-made guides that can be used for arthritis, fractures, infection, spine deformities and bone tumours.
  • Patients can enjoy safe bone surgery such as total knee replacement in one of our affiliated hospitals worldwide High Quality Travel (


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