PST For Shoulder

Humeral PST, is the first humeral custom-made guidethat depends on matching with the bone surface after removing of osteophytes. Three fixation holes with 2.5 mm diameter are used to ensure fixation and positioning of PST on bone. The creative design of PST ensures its easy positioning on the humeral head by using a hooked arm on the top.

Glenoid PST is placed on a glenoid bone to direct surgeons to areas of maximum bone thickness to drill peg or peek holes aided by three drilling guides designed for commercially used glenoid implants.

  1. Humeral cut surface
  2. Humeral head surface matching arm
  3. Fixation hole in parallel direction
  4. Fixation holes with oblique directions
  5. Glenoid surface matching wings
  6. Keel or peg preforming holes
  7. Central hole