TKR 15-in-1 PST

Femur Cutting

With 15-in-1 PST a surgeon can easily perform all the femoral cuts applied in TKR in a straight forward way. These cuts include distal cut, posterior cut, anterior cut, posterior and anterior chamfers, notch cut and box cut. The template also includes positioning and drilling of femur implant pegs.

  1. Distal cut slot
  2. Fixation holes placed on epicondyles
  3. Fixation holes placed on condyles
  4. Extended legs securing matching
  5. Femur trochlear positioning leg
  6. Box cut slot
  1. Extra filation holes securing rigidity
  2. Lug holes
  3. Anterior cut slot
  4. Posterior cut slot
  5. Anterior chamfer cut slot
  6. Posterior chamfer cut slot
  7. Notch cut slot
*in addition to 2 pin locators.

Tibial Cutting

SurgiTotal Tibial PST can help to perform the tibial cut according to a pre-planned positioning of prosthesis to tibia bone. In addition, the Tibial PST unique features allow surgeons to determine stem hole location and carry out keel cuts according to prosthesis design

  1. Tibial cut slot
  2. Fixation holes with oblique direction to tibia bone
  1. Extra fixation with parallel holes
  2. Stem hole
  3. Keel making slots