SurgiNovi Software

1- OrthoNovi Software

  • Surgical planning software for production patient-specific templates (PST) for
    • Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
    • Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
    • Revision Total Knee Replacement
    That allows surgeons to perform planning and assessment of the bone quality.
  • Software based on mechanical axis of the reconstructed bone captured from CT scan images.
  • Preoperative planning of the surgery can be done on the platform using different implants coming from different manufacturers.
  • The output of OrthoNovi is an electronic file with format of STL containing a patient-specific templates (PST) and/or custom made surgical guides coming based on the surgical planning.

2- OrthoNovi Pro Software

This next generation, has been created specifically to meet the ever-evolving world of healthcare and to provide novel solutions for the surgical planning and guidance, OrthoNovi Pro built to meet the needs of orthopedic surgeons and all involved in orthopedic fields.

This software provide a planning and patient-specific templates (PST) for different parts of the body (hip, shoulder, ankle, spine, tumor, and stormy).
To see a complete list of features and benefits, please contact the technical team:

3- SurgiNovi Dicom Studio

It is a tool for viewing, processing, and reconstructing of medical images in DICOM format and manipulation of DICOM images and medical information.

  • SurgiNovi Dicom Studio was designed to efficiently use resources as possible.
  • Simple interface without any complication.
  • Supports an extensive range of DICOM file types.
  • Can convert between extensive range of Dicom transfer syntax.
  • Can convert between extensive range of Dicom modality.
  • Can reconstruct Dicom(study, series, instance) relations.
  • Reading and editing the Dicom tag information at patient, study, series, instance levels.
  • Have most necessary basic tools for the measurement of images.

SurgiNovi Software Tools

  • DICOM viewer tool [desktop & Web Based]

  • CT scan 3D viewer tool [desktop & Web Based]

  • DICOM CT 3D Processing and volume segmentation tool [desktop]

  • DICOM tags and medical information reader tool [desktop & Web Based]

  • DICOM To 3D stl Convertor tool [desktop]

  • DICOM transfer syntax conversion tool [desktop]

  • DICOM CD recovery and repairing tool [desktop]