[News] 3D Modeling & Patient Specific Cutting Guide for a Large Sacrococcygeal Chordoma

12 Jun 2020 - 02:22 PM

Last week a surgical team composed of Prof. Walid Ebaid (orthopaedic oncologist), Prof. Hossam Salah (spine surgeon) and Prof. Usama Said (general surgeon) made an operation for a patient suffering from a large sacrococcygeal chordoma with extra-osseous soft tissue component centred upon S3,S4, S5 and the first part of the coccyx and extending to the presacral and sacral spinal canal regions.

SurgiNovi technical team built a 3D printed model of the whole pelvis with sacral tumour and patient specific surgical cutting guide for bone resection in the tumour area. The 3D anatomical model of the bone was reconstructed from the captured image of the CT-Scan.
OrthoNovi is the main player in this process, the software package was developed with image processing and measuring tools to help engineers making the 3D preoperative planning including all desired measurements and built an accurate 3D model of the pelvis with the sacral tumour.

Complete planning of surgery with surgical simulation was performed and showed the line of demarcation, safety margin, the inclination angle of the resection and trajectory of the cutting saw the printed model was manufactured using 3D printing technology with the tumour area manufactured in different colour to demonstrate the demarcation line between tumour and healthy bone.

The patient specific surgical cutting guide with a dense and bio-grade 3D printing material was designed to match the bony landmarks on the superior posterior iliac spine, with cylindrical probes and extended legs to help the guide being seated between the segments S3 and S2 to perform the correct bone resection away from the tumour area and at the same time sparing S2 nerve roots. The guide had slits to allow bone cutting with the saw blade at the desired level of resection.