about surginovi

At SurgiNovi, a group of orthopaedic surgeons, engineers and computer scientists united together to solve the biggest problem with joint replacement treatments. Joint replacement operations require a staggering 400 plus surgical tools and a painfully long recovery time. Patients demand quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays. Surgeons always want an easier way to perform joint replacements that saves time and costs in the operating room.

We benefit from the regular and continued interactions between our 20 employees who are 5 surgeons, dentist, 8 engineers, biologist, researchers and supporting staff.

We are exploiting and developing the novel concept of hospital-based PSI, where all processes are done under one roof. CT-Scan, design, planning, 3D printing and sterilizing.

In 2018, SurgiNovi received ISO13485:2016. We apply the QA and QC for all steps in the design and manufacturing processes.

Although our custom made products are exempted from CE mark, we working towards certification in order to follow international standards.

Achievements & Awards

  • UK Alumni Award (winner, Entrepreneurial), British Council, Cairo, Egypt, Feb 2018
  • Semi-finalist for Business Plan Competition for PSI Innovation, Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), USA, 2018
  • Gold Medal with ppreciation of the Jury by Geneva inventions, for the patent “hospital based apparatus for PSI”, Switzerland, 2016
  • IFIA Laurel of 4th World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions, International Federation of Inventors Association, Geneva, 2014
  • Hap Paul award, International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty, USA 2010

Our Success Partners

These companies provided us with the CAD files and technical details of knee prostheses so that our PST are based on their CAD files.
However, we have 2D data of other prostheses from most major implant companies.
We also have agreements with some distributors of implant companies to help in preoperative planning, sizing and selection of proper implants.
Also we provide them with patient specific plastic bones with defects to help selecting the best augments.